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"Fully alive means restoring the body, mind, and spirit to balance and wholeness: the balance of life energy in the body; the balance of ethical, reasonable, and just behavior; balanced relations within family and community; and harmonious relationships with nature."

— Ken “ Bear Hawk” Cohen

Medicine Horse Ranch is located on a historic fifth generation 1000- acre working cattle and sheep ranch in beautiful coastal Tomales CA. Being on land and in nature offers quiet reflection that nourishes and rejuvenates the heart and spirit. Participants who are drawn to our programs are often seeking peace, balance and clarity through a transition or life changing event.

Horses have been evolving for an estimated 50 million years—a far longer time than humans have inhabited the earth. It is indisputable that since horses were first domesticated, perhaps 6000 years ago, they have become inextricably linked with humans, and contributed more than any other animal in shaping our history. Our historical connection to this sentient animal reminds us of our own endurance, dignity and nobility.

As our industrial need for the horse has greatly diminished, these amazing animals seem to be transforming themselves once again. Programs incorporating horses as teachers, coaches, mentors and guides have risen dramatically in the last decade, coming into sharp focus as credible educational and therapeutic modalities.

Activities with horses provide metaphors and mirrors for real life experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
Partnering with a horse is fertile ground for developing new practices that re-build trust, deepen authenticity, leverage strength based skills and encourage self care.

Medicine Horse Ranch offers a wide variety of Equine Guided Experiential Learning Programs that encourage participants of all ages and from all walks of life to regain, rediscover and refine personal and/or professional pursuits, dreams and ambitions for the sake of creating actions and beliefs that are in alignment with health, happiness and right livelihood.

  • Rediscover what has heart and meaning in your life.
  • Reconnect to the natural world, land based wisdom, intuitive knowing and expanded possibilities.
  • Recommit to leading your life, your family, your community, and the world we all share with excellence.
  • Slow Down and experience BE-ing on Horse Time.

There is no horseback riding involved, and no prior horse experience required. All Equine Guided Learning™ activities are facilitated on the ground.


POB 224

Ranch phone: 707-878-2440
Email: office@medicinehorseranch.org


Upcoming Events

2014 Public Programs

All programs are scheduled to meet from
11- 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted
Space is limited to 8 participants for all
public programs.

Email: office@medicinehorseranch.org for registration details, or for more information.

Medicine Horse Monthly Circle

4 month series 195.00 per month

Begins March 8th ( remaining dates are April 19, May 17, June 14) Group meets from 11:00 am- 2:30 pm pdf flyer

(A private session may also be scheduled between the March and April group, if desired) Joining a monthly circle is an excellent way to learn, grow, stay motivated and create community!

Horse Sense for Healers ~
An Introduction to Equine Guided Recovery
$195.00 pdf flyer
This 1-day program is designed to introduce participants to the universal principles inherent in the nature of horse-human healing.
Feb 22
Mar 29
June 7

Horse Sense for Women™
$585.00 ( meets 10-4 pm Fri/Sat and 10-3 Sunday)
"I'm going deep inside myself to decide precisely what path I'm going to follow:
It doesn't have a damn thing to do with what I'm suppose to do- it has everything to do with what excites me the most. And only I am responsible for whether or not this comes to fruition."
Wyatt Webb

March 14-16
May 16-18
Oct 3-5

2014 - Medicine Horse Ranch
Certificate Programs

Integrating horses into human self development for personal growth and professional offers.

Preparation and training to be certified as a CEIP-ED or Mental Health Professional
Guest facilitator Barbara Rector, MA, CEIP-ED.

Space is limited to 12 students, application and board approval required for
acceptance. For more information, email: office@medicinehorseranch.org

Each of the following modules blends equine interaction with facilitation and group process.

Our focus is on self-development and integration of best practices standards for equine professionals.

We provide on going business development/ support, internship opportunities
to further develop your competency as an equine- education professional.

An Introduction to Equine Guided Experiential Learning $995.00
(includes Journey Ride, mounted work)
May 1- 4

The Equine Perspective $895.00
June 27-29

The Realms of Leadership $895.00
Oct 10-12

For more details and/or registration contact us: office@medicinehorseranch.org



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This was the absolute most amazing, mind blowing, heart opening experience of my life! I've been a student inside many self development classes & over many years, and never experienced a teacher with more dedication, facilitation skill, guts, horse sense, or compassion than Alyssa Aubrey. Her love for her horses and her horses trust for the human being is palpable. Many of the insights that came to me over the weekend were new and riveting. Other reflections I have had before, but this Equine Guided delivery system puts in out in a way that is so compelling, I must now stop procrastinating and DO something about it. I will be a Medicine Horse Ranch fan forever, and no doubt return many times to the classroom of equine wizardry as facilitated by Alyssa. Thank you, I am forever changed and grateful.

Jane Murphy Ph,D.

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